I was born and raised in London, England, but now reside somewhere much warmer and sunnier (thank goodness).

With the help of a pricey education in England (Thanks, Mum and Dad) and succinct writing capabilities beaten into me by a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper editor under whom I apprenticed, I became a writer and editor myself, honing and perfecting my skills over the course of a decade in the unforgiving crucible of freelance work.

AR Headshot3_2018

But when my much more hardworking friends expressed incredulity that I made a living, “Just because you can read and write,” I took it as a challenge and now, thanks to an introduction to the voice-over business by my good friend Greg Bell (host of the “Radio Classics” channel on Sirius XM), I make my living just because I can talk -- and that REALLY gets them steamed!

Well, of course, it’s not quite that easy, but it is fun to let them think so.

For over 10 years now, I have been banging on doors and auditioning my little heart out and, I am relieved to report, the effort has paid off.

In addition to voicing the iconic GEICO GECKO on Pandora, I have performed in the style of many other well-known fictional and real characters for animations, video games, commercials, and corporate videos, such as ...

Some Well-known Characters

J.A.R.V.I.S. (from “Iron Man”)
GHOST (from “Call of Duty”)
EBENEEZER SCROOGE (from “A Christmas Carol”)
SANTA CLAUS (from The North Pole)
JOHN CLEESE (from “Monty Python,” “Fawlty Towers” and more)
ALBERT EINSTEIN (from … well, E=MC2 and all that)
and DAVID ATTENBOROUGH (from every wildlife documentary ever, right?)

... and I have created countless original voices, including ...

Some Original Voices

Regular guy next door
BBC newsreader
James Bond-style action hero
Chirpy cockney
Genial drunk
Grumpy old man
Scurvy pirate
Scatterbrained professor
Evil villain
Dumb henchman


I have been featured in the following popular productions:

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” as RODEN
“Macbeth," "Hamlet," and "Romeo & Juliet” as MULTIPLE SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS

... and as countless LEAD and CO-STARRING characters in lesser-known animations, video games, audio books, and plays.

But I am not just a character!

I have also produced commercial, corporate, educational and training work in my natural voice for hundreds of blue-chip companies, including …

Kraft Heinz
and IKEA

From SERIOUS to SILLY and EVERYTHING in-between

In short, I can deliver whatever style you are looking for.

Whether it’s for an animation, a video game, a commercial, a corporate video, training or educational materials, or any other type of project,


And if you don’t believe me (And why should you, we've never met?) check out the GLOWING TESTIMONIALS at the bottom of every page on this site.

Oh, and whenever I can, I come out of my dark and lonely sound booth for on-camera roles, including the lead role in a TV sitcom pilot, host of an archeology show pitch, co-starring roles in a full-length feature and an unscripted TV show, plus numerous lead roles in commercials, industrials and training videos.


If you got to the end of all this, well done, you!

Want to hear me voice your script? No problem.

Just e-mail it to [email protected] and I will get a demo read back to you lickety-split.

If needed, I can be EXTREMELY QUICK for those urgent jobs, and I am always VERY EASY TO WORK WITH. You’ll get no artistic tantrums from me, just what you want, when you want it (or sooner, usually).

I can deliver fully edited and mastered (ready to use) BROADCAST QUALITY audio in any format you like from my PROFESSIONAL HOME STUDIO, usually within minutes for short-form content.

If required, SESSIONS CAN BE DIRECTED by phone or WhatsApp or Skype or Source-Connect Now or ipDTL or ConnectionOpen, etc., or I am always WILLING TO TRAVEL to any studio, anywhere, any time.

Best of all, I provide a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE -- If you don’t love my work, you don’t pay -- but I have never had to honor it in over a decade!

So how about a job, then?

C’mon. Give me a shot. You won’t be disappointed. I promise.

Some Happy Clients

This man is a “pro’s PRO!” Terrific work, awesome service at a good rate. Cannot recommend him highly enough!

Michael Wright, Videographer

Super fast, perfect read, and just what we needed. Thanks! We can’t wait to use you again.

Kyle T., Big Fish Consulting

Andrew nailed it on Take 1. His work is professional and versatile, and he is an excellent communicator. Look forward to working with him again!

Russell Granger, Arch Digitals

"Great work. Very fast delivery :-)"

Ketil Ronne, Filmmaker

Awesome … and quick!

Wilky Black, Hayzen’s Productions

Incredibly fast turnaround. Wonderful voice. A pleasure to work with – looking forward to future projects!

John T., Extraneous Noise

Really versatile, talented, and had a very humorous interpretation of our character. Very easy to work with and extremely fast!

Rosalyn Knapp, Codarica

“Andrew is a true professional. His voice-over talent is unquestionably authentic. I highly recommend him for ANY voice-over need!

Charisse Beach, Mental Health intervention

Andrew Randall has produced a fantastic series of voice recordings for our travel guide project. We have been very impressed with his professionalism and responsiveness to our many demands and we look forward to working with him on future projects.

Geoff Rinaldi, Mystery Walking Tours

Very impressed with speed and quality. One take did the trick.

Gary R., Videographer

Great job!

Peter Szegedi, Neocore Games (for multiple voices on “Van Helsing 2”)

Great work, Andrew! Very fast and professional. I am extremely happy with the outcome. Many thanks.

Patrick Manthe, Jobs Simplified

A pleasure to work with.

James Mazur, GoStickman

Andrew was responsive and professional. Good to work with him! 🙂

Tony White, Drawassic

It was a pleasure working with Andrew. Great work and fast turnaround.

Klaus Bjarner Pedersen, Gaffa Media

Excellent talent! It’s a pleasure to work with Andrew!

Tatyana Sentyakova, Scienart Media